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Conquer the cold! Mirroring the redesigned Women's Reaction wetsuit, the new Women's Thermal Reaction encourages natural body rotation and increases distance per stroke while keeping you warmer, longer. 

Our women's models are more than just the men's suit in a different color. We prioritize fit, to make sure that patterns are adjusted for women's body style and offer expanded, specific sizing to accommodate varying body styles across all athletes. 


Maximum Warmth:
The thermal "zirconium" liner maximizes warmth with wool-like performance that offers more body heat retention, faster drying and a cozy feel. All in all it keeps you warmer in colder water than standard wetsuit jersey lining.

Seamless Shoulders:
One single piece of 39 cell 1.5mm Yamamoto neoprene dramatically improves flexibility and reduces fatigue throughout your entire stroke. Combined with 1.5mm underarm panels, you'll find no resistance while swimming regardless of whether your arms are up, down or anywhere in between.

Optimized Buoyancy:
5mm thick core and hips transitions down to 4mm in the lower legs to maximize your efficiency with a more streamlined body position.

Natural Rotation Hip Drive:
Building off the Helix design, we've narrowed the center panel on the upper body and extended the thinner, 3mm, side panels through the hips to maximize your natural body rotation in order to generate more power, resulting in more speed with less effort.

Reactive Stretch Technology:
2mm neoprene with high stretch jersey offers greater mobility and reach throughout the shoulders and back, reducing fatigue and increasing distance per stroke.

Ultra-Thin Arms:
Premium, ultra-thin, 1.5mm neoprene in the arms provides flexibility, comfort and speed.

Premium Materials:
The highest quality, SCS coated, Yamamoto smooth-skin neoprene offers excellent flexibility and durability. We pair this with a high quality, thermal zirconium jersey lining in order to maximize warmth without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

S-Flex Side Panels:
3mm side panels on the legs help create an optimal fit across varying body shapes and improve the ease of getting into the suit.


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      RACE FIT will be a tight fitting wetsuit that will give you the best overall performance, but may be challenging to get into.
      COMFORT FIT will be a more comfortable, easier to don wetsuit, but may not offer the fastest performance.

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