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Packing Cube

Packing Cube

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Packing Cube

The Blueseventy Packing Cube was designed to create a unique triathlon organization system that can be added to our larger bags, the Transition Bag, Destination Bag and Swim Bag. These bags all have singular large inner compartments and your race gear can easily get jumbled while you're traveling to the race. 

The packing cubes allow you to separate gear however you like, sort it by discipline, sort pre and post race gear, sort nutrition and accessories from clothes, etc. The options are nearly limitless and the time saving, stress relieving aspects are huge. 

Key Features:

The Blueseventy Packing Cube provides 10L of packing space, separated into two equal halves with mesh zippers so you can see what’s in each compartment. 

Additionally, on the outsides there are 3 zippered pockets for organizing and storing smaller items like nutrition, GPS watches/computers, sunscreen, etc. 

The lightweight 210D ripstop nylon with PU coating is very durable; the lightweight durability of the bag is a favorite of the multisport athlete looking to add more organization to a fast-paced lifestyle.

Bag Compatibility:

Destination Bag: 

  • 2 cubes fit comfortably laying down in the main compartment, leaving plenty of room for other gear like shoes and a wetsuit. 
  • You can also fit a cube in both the lower "wet" compartment and in the upper compartment for extreme organizers, however there will be little to no room left for gear that is not in a cube. 

Transition Bag: 

  • 2 cubes fit laying down in the main compartment, though its a tighter fit (don't over stuff your cube). There is still space for other gear in the bottom "wet" compartment.
  • You can also fit 1 additional cube in the bottom compartment if you like.

Swim Bag:

  • You can fit 1-2 cubes in the main compartment of the swim bag. The bag doesn't fit the cubes as cleanly as our other two bags but they can be used with that bag for more organization.